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Electrical Switchgear is a modern manufacturer of Electrical components with the latest developments in lean manufacturing that provides our customers with reliability, quality and competitive pricing, More...

Copper Connectors - Copper Busbar - Bus Bar Lamination's - Switchboard Connectors

  • Electrical Switchgear manufacture's and fabricates custom copper connectors for the wireless, telecommunications, mining, power and alternative energy industries.
  • ES serves Engineer's and OEM's for a standard and custom made product.
  • ES is consistently providing its customers with the speed and efficiency of advanced computer-controlled fabrication combined with expert craftsmanship and design execution
  • We pride ourselves in creating a culture of lean manufacturing and offering our customers the fastest possible turnaround time from order to a well managed and quality delivery.
  • Electrical switchgear delivers throughout Australia and worldwide.
  • Fabricated Electrical Components for OEM manufacturers.



Fast Delivery - Precision Engineering

Electrical Switchgear specialize in standard and custom size flexible electrical connectors.

Pure copper has the highest electrical conductivity of any commercial metal. This property makes it the preferred material for power and telecommunications cables, magnet (winding) wire, printed circuit board conductors and a host of other electrical applications.

Advanced manufacturing techniques enable us to produce a huge variety of customised busbars for major projects incorporating thousands of variants to single part demand with little or zero tooling costs. We manufacture copper busbars, aluminium busbars and cuponal busbars for switchgear components, control panels, panel boards, fusegear, and transformers, primarily for multinationals and smaller contractors operating within the switchgear, railway, marine and power electronics sectors.


Fabricated Copper Parts